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Intertek develops mini ROV

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 03 May 2016 19:16
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Intertek has launched a new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) potable water tank inspection service that offers clients the option of using ROV’s to inspect their large-capacity water tanks.

Potable water tank inspection must be carried out periodically to mitigate health risks to those working on offshore platforms or in other facilities that require their use. Vitally, inspections should detect any evidence of contamination, biofilm deposits, corrosion formation and the growth of Legionella.

Typically, potable water tanks are taken out of service to be emptied and inspected directly by personnel, a process which can be hazardous and time consuming, sometimes taking up to three days. Intertek’s new service allows clients to instead send in a mini ROV, which removes the need to drain and refill the tank, mitigates risks to personnel and can ensure that tanks are back in service after 12 hours.

When evidence of corrosion or bacteria is detected, Intertek can make treatment recommendations, including operational advice, cleaning, patch recoating or complete tank refurbishment.

Image: Preparing ROV for inspection / Intertek

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