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IKM Subsea wins contract for ROV services

By  AOG Staff Monday, 15 September 2014 14:33
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ENI Indonesia awarded a contract to IKM Subsea to provide ROV services onboard the Drill Rig Scarabeo 7, operating in Indonesia for drilling various exploration and completion wells.

 IKM Subsea Work class ROV, Merlin WR200

Image: IKM Subsea 



The contract value, including options, is close to US$16 million for a 2.5 year duration term.

Equipment will be mobilized from IKM Subsea’s headquarters (not HQ) in Norway. The contract will be managed from IKM Subsea Singapore, through affiliate, IKM Subsea Indonesia.

IKM Subsea would be providing the in-house built Merlin WR200 Workclass ROV and the Sub Atlantic Mohican Observation ROV together with all necessary toolings and personnel onboard the rig to support the operations. 

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