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HMC completes Ichthys infield flowlines scope

By  AOG Staff Friday, 26 February 2016 09:55
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Heerema Marine Contractors’ deepwater construction vessel (DCV) Aegir laid down the last 18in production flowline on the seafloor. This important milestone marks the successful completion of the infield flowlines scope for the INPEX Ichthys LNG Project.

During the installation of the extensive Ichthys infield flowlines campaign, HMC were able to demonstrate the capabilities of the DCV Aegir, namely heavy lift, J-lay and Reel-lay all within one project:

  • 53km of 6in and 8in carbon steel MEG and 12in corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) clad condensate flowlines installed by DCV Aegir reeling method

    • Inline installation of 14  flowline end  terminations  (FLETs)  and three  inline tees (ILTs)

    • Onshore prefabrication and spooling onto heavy lift reels at a HMC designated spooling base in Batam, Indonesia

    • Offshore loading of full reels with weights up to 3185-tonne using DCV Aegir’s 4000-tonne heavy lift crane

  • 87km of 18in CRA production flowlines installed by DCV Aegir’s J-lay method

    • Inline installation of 12 FLETs weighing up to 217-tonne and six ILTs, weighing up to 197-tonne

    • Onshore prefabrication of approximately 1750 numbers of   18in CRA 48.8m nominal length “quad joints”

All told, 11,000 onshore and offshore highest specification welds were executed and/or supervised by HMC's specialist welding technology subsidiary Pipeline Technique Ltd.

"[The Ichthys project] involves marshalling, transporting and lowering almost 120,000-tonne of project materials to the seabed in water depths up to 275m in a remote area of the Indian Ocean unprotected against swells and cyclonic summer conditions,” said Jan Pieter Klaver HMC's chief executive officer. “Most importantly we have spent almost five million project man hours to perform the work without any lost time injury or harm to the environment. HMC now looks forward to seeing Aegir completing the remaining heavy lift and mooring chain installation work on Ichthys in a similar safe and successful manner."

Image: DCV Aegir/ Heerema Marine Contractors

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