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Webtool develops tow rope cutter for oil tankers

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 22 November 2016 18:29
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Hydraulic cutting systems specialist, Webtool, has developed a portable, emergency tow rope cutter for oil tankers eliminating the risk of the pull-back tug capsizing.

Attached to the steel wire tow line on the tanker’s poop deck, the Webtool deck cutter once activated cuts a 60-70mm steel wire tow line within three seconds to prevent tug capsize.

Incidents of girting are the tug’s response to unexpected and sudden movements by the tanker. Once in difficulties, seconds count if capsize is to be avoided.

Tugs often rely on rapid tow line pay-out by the rope winch to prevent capsize. In the event this doesn’t solve the problem, and the tug either doesn’t or can’t cut the line, the Webtool emergency cutter allows the mooring master to take the initiative and disconnect the tow line. 

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