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Archer develops SPARTAN plugs

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 07 February 2017 11:03
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A well integrity and well performance solutions provider, Archer Oiltools, has released the SPARTAN plug family, which is designed to help operators deliver safer wells, boost operational efficiency and reduce costs.  

Driven by customer demand and industry challenges, the SPARTAN plug family has been developed for well integrity during operations, well suspension and plug and abandonment (P&A) for all wells.  

The SPARTAN plug delivers protection for short-, medium- or long-term suspensions, and rapid deployment and retrieval, which can lead to safer wells and reduced operational time and costs. In addition to the SPARTAN everyday plug, Archer Oiltools’ plugs portfolio includes three additional plug systems – VAULT, HUNTER and SPEARHEAD.  

The VAULT dual plug system enables two Archer plugs to be installed in one run, streamlining plug operations. The SPEARHEAD plug system is designed to withstand increased hangoff loads or pull forces, which improves the efficiency of P&A operations. The HUNTER tandem plug system allows a barrier plug to be run in combination with other downhole tools, due to its versatile design, which sets new standards in operational efficiency, saving the number of trips and rig time. 

The SPARTAN plug family is an addition to the existing LOCK plug family of gas tight well suspension plugs. These product lines, designed to reduce rig handling, form the base of Archer Oiltools’ plug portfolio, which is field proven worldwide with more than 2500 runs.

Image: SPARTAN plug/Archer

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