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Quadrant, Carnarvon to drill Dorado-1

By  AOG Staff Wednesday, 22 February 2017 22:43
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The joint venture of the WA-437-P exploration permit in the North-West Shelf of Australia has commenced plans to drill the Dorado-1 exploration well which has a number of potential targets.

WA-437-P is a partnership between Quadrant Energy which holds 80% operating interest, and Carnarvon Petroleum, owner of the remaining 20% stake.

The primary target is the proven Caley sandstone which Carnarvon estimates to contain a prospective mean resource of 545 Bcf of gas and 31 MMbbl of condensate.

The Milne sandstone is a secondary target which may contain equally attractive resources, albeit with a slightly higher risk.

The cost estimate for the well has not yet been finalized, however, the expectation is that Dorado-1 will be drilled at a lower cost than the Roc and Phoenix South wells.

This is due to reducing industry cost structures and less time drilling as a result of the shallower target depth in comparison to those in the Roc and Phoenix South wells.

Carnarvon managing director Adrian Cook said “This is a tremendous opportunity to test another quality prospect in the Bedout sub-basin. Confirming significant hydrocarbon volumes with this well would strongly underpin the economic proposition in this basin.

“This well could also play an important part in determining the future development scenarios for the Roc and Phoenix South gas and condensate discoveries. A significant Dorado discovery could be developed as the tie-in point for the Roc and Phoenix South resources with options for the gas to be used purely for domestic use, and/or for LNG purposes.”

Image: Map of Dorado prospect / Carnarvon

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