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Hydratight, CSS repair pipeline with diverless clamp

By  AOG Staff Monday, 24 April 2017 15:55
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Engineering teams from Hydratight, a UK-based subsea connector specialists, and Norway’s Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) have completed a milestone deepwater pipeline repair in Western Australia. 

A 4in MEG line, owned by a major national oil company (NOC), required urgent repair. It was pressure rated to 400 bar and was located at 830m, so it required a customized solution. The international team designed, manufactured and installed a diverless Structural Deepwater Pipeline Repair Clamp for the project. 

The clamp has been designed without the use of bolt tensioning to activate. All activation technologies and hydraulics are in an external installation tool, which is removed on completion. This significantly reduces the overall weight of the equipment left as a permanent repair on the pipe, lowering project time and costs.

Prior to installation of the clamp, CSS and Hydratight also prepared the pipe using a remotely operated vehicle-based Coating Removal Tool. 

After successful testing and real-life completion for a major NOC, the companies can offer similar services worldwide to increase the lifespan of subsea installations. The clamps are DNV approved and will last up to 25-years in service.

Image: diverless Structural Deepwater Pipeline Repair Clamp/Hydratight

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