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Mubadala finds oil in Thailand

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 05 December 2017 06:53
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Mubadala Petroleum, operator of the G1/48 concession and the Manora oil field in the Gulf of Thailand, said the drilling of the Manora-6 well reached total depth at 2412m

The well was targeting the L fault block prospect. Interpretation of the logging while drilling data indicates an oil column in the primary reservoir section of approximately 5.8m.

“This result was encouraging enough for the joint venture to proceed with a side-track to the well, Manora-6ST, to test the M prospect,” joint venture Tap Oil said in a release.

Tap is working with the operator who continues to evaluate the results, and these will be incorporated into understanding of the Manora field production contract area and its upside potential.

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