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Ocean Monarch moves to Phoenix South-2

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 25 October 2016 13:44
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Quadrant Energy is expected to commence appraisal of the Phoenix South-1 oil discovery in the Barret Sandstone at the Phoenix South-2 (PS-2) well. The well will also evaluate the deeper Caley Sandstone, akin to the Roc field, for gas and condensate. 

“The result at Roc-2 has given the joint venture the confidence to undertake additional drilling activities,” said Adrian Cook, managing director and CEO, Carnarvon. “This well will appraise the Phoenix South oil discovery that was made in the 2014 Phoenix South-1 well and will drill into the Caley formation that contained gas and condensate in both the Roc-1 and Roc-2 wells. We also look forward to evaluating the hydrocarbon potential in the Huxley and Hove members in Phoenix South-2 where encouraging hydrocarbon shows were observed during the drilling of the Roc-1 and Roc-2 wells.” 

Using the Ocean Monarch semisubmersible drilling rig, which is expected on location within the next 7 days, operator Quadrant Energy will drill PS-2 to a total depth of around 5500m. Drilling operations are expected to take a little over two months to complete. Both the Barret and Caley formations will be evaluated using Logging While Drilling (LWD) and wireline formation evaluation tools. No coring or well testing is being planned in this well as sufficient information has been acquired in the area. 

The Phoenix South-2 well is located in the WA-435-P exploration permit in the North West Shelf of Australia, in around 100m water depth, approximately 160km northeast of Port Hedland in the Bedout sub-basin of the greater Roebuck basin. 

The net well cost is expected to be US$20 million. Carnarvon Petroleum (20%) and Quadrant Energy (80%) are equity interest holders.

Image: Phoenix South-2 map/Carnarvon Petroleum

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