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OceanWise delivers course to EAHC

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 14 January 2014 12:16
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Marine data management and GIS firm, OceanWise delivered its third course on data management, database design, marine spatial data infrastructure (MSDI), and capacity building to the East Asia Hydrographic Commission (EAHC) in October 2013. The course was facilitated and hosted by the maritime and port authority of Singapore (MPA) and supported by Esri Inc., who undertook the practical elements of the course using Esri’s range of hydrographic production and MSDI software.

Students from Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore gathered to learn more about the four ‘pillars’ of MSDI, namely policy and governance, technical standards, information systems, and geographic content (data and metadata). Break out and exercise sessions provided practical solutions on best practice data management and exchange, data interoperability, and cultural and organizational change.

Feedback from students and organizers highlighted the realization of how important a regional, as well as national and organizational, approach to MSDI is to the EAHC and its member states. This realization contributed to the recent creation of a training center of excellence in Busan, Korea to serve the needs of the region.

In developing a more inclusive approach to the use and benefits of hydrographic data, EAHC is now placed to move from a theoretical understanding of MSDI to one of practical implementation. This shift of attitude will not only support the needs of the wider maritime and marine community, but is expected to result in operational efficiencies and support the development of advanced navigational products and services across the EAHC region.

According to the firm, hydrography is no longer just about the provision of charts and nautical publications, but about working in concert with other geospatial data and information providers and communities to deliver greater support to socio economic development and the ‘blue economy’. 

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