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Octanex halts operations at Ophir field

By  AOG Staff Friday, 12 January 2018 09:06
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Octanex said the Ophir field in Malaysia, is experiencing a non-routine production shutdown.

Production was shut-in following a power trip on the FPSO which triggered a process shutdown on both the wellhead platform and the FPSO.

Weather conditions delayed access to the wellhead platform for several days after rectification of the FPSO power issue. Personnel was then mobilized to the wellhead platform to normalize the wells.

However, start-up of production has thus far not been successful. Trouble-shooting activities are underway in order to identify the cause and restore production as soon as is possible, it said.

The Ophir field has been developed pursuant to a Risk Service Contract granted in 2014 by Petronas to Ophir Production Sdn Bhd (OPSB) as contractor.

Octanex holds a 50% interest in OPSB and its joint venture shareholders in OPSB are Scomi with 30% and Vestigo Petroleum with 20%. 

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