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India Publishes Draft Wind Turbine Certification

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 13 November 2018 17:41
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India's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued a draft scheme on wind turbines in India. Known as the ‘Indian Wind Turbine Certification Scheme’ (IWTCS), the draft has been prepared in consultation with the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), Chennai.

Image: National Institute of Wind Energy
Image: National Institute of Wind Energy

"The IWTCS is a consolidation of relevant National and International Standards (IS/IEC/IEEE), Technical Regulations and requirements issued by Central Electricity Authority (CEA), guidelines issued by MNRE and other international guidelines," said a government statement.

The draft has also strived to incorporate various best practices from other countries to ensure the quality of the wind energy projects.

The draft Scheme enlists the guidelines for the benefit of all the stakeholders from concept to lifetime of wind turbine, including Indian Type Approved Model (ITAM), Indian Type Certification Scheme (ITCS), Wind Farm Project Certification Scheme (WFPCS) and Wind Turbine Safety & Performance Certification Scheme (WTSPCS).

As wind energy is a booming market in India, the country said that there is a need for comprehensive document which provides the complete technical requirements which should be complied by the wind turbines for the safe and reliable operation by all the stakeholders.

The IWTCS is aimed at assisting and facilitating Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), End Users -Utilities, State Nodal Authorities (SNAs), Developers, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Owners, Authorities, Investors and Insurers, Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories, the statement added.

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