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China Develops 10MW Offshore Wind Turbine

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 22 August 2019 20:23
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China’s Dongfang Electric Corp. (DEC) has unveiled  what it claims will be the country’s first 10MW offshore wind turbine after successfully developing a direct-drive permanent-magnet generator (PMG) for the super-sized machine.

Image: Dongfang Electric Corp.
Image: Dongfang Electric Corp.

The company reported that it underwent testing and is now ready for commercial operations.

The new generator is by far the largest of its kind in the country in terms of rotor diameter and unit capacity, according to its developer, Dongfang Electric Corporation.

Based on the working conditions in Chinese waters, permanent magnet direct drive and full power conversion technologies were used to achieve active typhoon-resistant performance.

The successful delivery of the generator indicates the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of high-power offshore wind turbines, the company said.

The generator will be installed at a wind farm in Xinghua Bay, east China's Fujian Province.

In early July, DEC started the production of a 90-meter blade (B900A) at its Tianjin factory, another key component for the super-sized machine and the longest produced by a Chinese blade-maker.

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