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Trelleborg secures Shah Deniz deal

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 17 July 2014 13:09
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BP has awarded Trelleborg an order for foam buoyancy systems for the second phase development of the Shah Deniz field offshore Azerbaijan.

Trelleborg will supply a buoyancy package filled with its high-temperature syntactic foam.

“There is a growing requirement in deepwater applications for flowlines to perform under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions,” said Lee Roskell, Trelleborg proposal manager. “Large cyclic changes can cause expansion of the flowline, resulting in lateral or upheaval buckling. And at a depth of 600m (1968ft) below surface, these flowlines will come under significant force.”

Trelleborg says its buoyancy modules will assist in mitigating this issue by reducing the self-weight of the flowline and friction against the seabed, a span of lower resistance is established along the flowline, enabling the buckling to occur in known and controlled conditions.

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