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Asia Pacific drilling rig count for October: mostly oil

By  Monday, 10 November 2014 09:46
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Baker Hughes Inc. issued the October 2014 international rotary drilling rig count on 7 November, showing a total of 1308 rigs operating internationally (outside the US & Canada), both land and offshore, in October 2014.

International activity was down 15 rigs from the 1323 rigs drilling in September 2014 and down 7 rigs from the 1315 rigs working in October 2013.

The Asia Pacific region accounted for 19.3% of the world's active drilling fleet in October 2014 (outside US/Canada).

There were 252 land and offshore rigs drilling in the Asia Pacific region in October, down from 260 rigs in September (down 3%). BHI says 55 rigs were drilling for gas (22%) and 192 rigs were drilling for oil (76%); five other rigs were engaged in miscellaneous drilling.

Asia Pacific land

The majority of rigs drilling in the region were land-based (144 of 252 total in October), and represents 14.6% of the land rigs drilling worldwide in October. This land rig count is up 2% (+3 rigs) month-over-month from the 141 land rigs drilling in Asia Pacific in September, and up 3% (+5 rigs) year-over-year.

Most of the land rigs were being used in India: 85 rigs, representing 59% of the land rigs operating in the region. Indonesia was running 25 land rigs (17%) and Australia was running 15 land rigs (10%).

The remaining 18 land rigs counted by BHI were drilling in Papua New Guinea (7), The Philippines (4), New Zealand and Thailand (3 each), and in Myanmar (2). Land rigs drilling in China are not reported in the BHI count.

Asia Pacific offshore

There were 108 rigs drilling offshore Asia in October, down from 119 in August and September, but up 2 rigs from the 106 offshore rigs that were being used in October 2013 (2% year-over-year increase).

The Asia Pacific region was using 33.4% of the world's active offshore rigs in October 2014, down from 35.7% in September. This was led by activity offshore India (36 rigs) and offshore China (28 rigs), which together accounted for 59% of all offshore drilling in Asia Pacific in October.

October 2014 offshore drilling activity includes 5 rigs off Australia, same as the month prior and one year ago.  Also, there were 2 rigs working off New Zealand in October, same as the month prior and a year ago, in October 2013.

Offshore Bangladesh, the single offshore rig which began drilling in July, was still working in October.

One rig was drilling off Brunei in October, same as in September, down from 3 rigs drilling a year ago, in October 2013.

There were 36 rigs working offshore India in October, down 3 rigs from September, but up 2 rigs from October 2013.

Ten rigs were drilling off Indonesia in October, down 2 rigs from September, but up 1 rig from October 2013.

In Malaysia, 6 rigs were drilling offshore in October, the same as in September, but down 7 from the 13 rigs drilling offshore in October 2013 (54% year-over-year decrease).

There was a single rig reported drilling off Myanmar in October, as there has been since January 2014, although a year earlier, in October 2013, there were two rigs.

Offshore China, there were 28 rigs drilling in October, down from 35 rigs in September. The China offshore rig count has increased 55% year-over-year, from 18 rigs operating offshore in October 2013.

In Thailand, there were 13 rigs drilling offshore in October 2014, down one from the previous two months, and down two from October 2013.

There were 5 rigs drilling offshore Vietnam in October, up from 3 rigs drilling in the prior two months, and up 20% from the 4 rigs drilling a year earlier, in October 2013.

There was no drilling offshore Japan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, or Taiwan in October 2014.

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