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Interra, Goldpetrol improve Chauk oil well production

By  Tuesday, 18 November 2014 15:54
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Myanmar oil fields. Map from Interra

Singapore-based Interra Resources Ltd. reported that its jointly controlled entity, Goldpetrol Joint Operating Co. Inc. (Goldpetrol), has significantly improved production at two wells in the Chauk oil field, onshore Myanmar.

Along with an ambitious drilling program of 21 wells in the Chauk field so far this year, Goldpetrol is trying to maximize production in existing wells.

Well CHK 1180 was completed as an oil producer in February 2014 at 165 bo/d, but with natural decline, production had fallen to 75 bo/d.

Goldpetrol recognized the additional potential in shallower zones, based on wireline logs, and decided to perforate an additional 30ft of casing, covering three reservoirs, using its well servicing rig.

The new oil from these reservoirs has been commingled with the existing reservoirs, and following production testing, the combined rate has increased to 185 bo/d – a gain of 110 bo/d in CHK 1180.

Well CHK 1184 was completed as an oil producer in May 2014 at 150 bo/d, but production had fallen to 81 bo/d. The company perforated an additional 24ft over two reservoirs and after production testing for four days, the combined rate increased to 186 bo/d – a gain of more than 100 bo/d.

Other wells

In July-August, Goldpetrol drilled and completed the CHK 1191 well to 3650ft TD with its ZJ 450 rig. It is slightly up-dip to well CHK 1183, which was completed in April as an oil producer.

Earlier this month, CHK 1192 was drilled to 2900ft TD in the Chauk South-Central fault block as a southern offset to producing well CHK 1185 which was completed in May 2014 as an oil producer.

Goldpetrol spudded the CHK 1194 well in the Chauk South fault block in late September, as an offset to producing wells CHK 1188 and CHK 1190, which were completed as oil producers in July and September, respectively. [Well CHK 1990 was drilled to 3075ft TD, perforated over 111ft, and produced 135 bo/d.]

Well CHK 1194 was drilled to 3812ft TD, but after production testing, the production stabilized at only 6 bo/d, below Interra's expectation. The company said it would try reservoir isolation, acid stimulation and possibly perforate additional zones. CHK 1194 was the 21st well drilled in the Chauk oil field this year.

The company

Interra has a 60% interest in the Improved Petroleum Recovery Contract of the Chauk field and also owns 60% of Goldpetrol, the field operator.

Interra's E&P activities include oil and gas production, field development and exploration. In central Myanmar, the company holds 60% of the rights and interests in two of the largest onshore producing oil fields in Chauk and Yenangyaung under two IPRCs. The IPRCs with the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise started in October 1996 for a term of 20 years and 6 months.

The two Myanmar concessions, which extend over a total area of about 1800sq km, are located along the Ayeyarwaddy River, around 580km north of Yangon. The collective gross production for both fields was 910,875 bo in 2013.

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