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ALE continues Maliki project preparations

By  AOG Staff Wednesday, 10 June 2015 13:14
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ALE is half way through the Malikai project in Malaysia, which is expected to include the world’s highest jackup and skidding operation.

The global heavylift specialists were awarded the contracts for the Malikai project on behalf of TMJV. ALE was given the scope of weighing and transporting four unit hull blocks, living quarters and mega beams for the ‘superlift’ activities.

This superlift includes weighing the topsides, skidding the topsides (80m) above ALE’s Mega Jack System, jacking up to a height around 40m using the Mega Jack System, skidding the topsides at height above the hull (90m), and mating the topsides to the hull.

ALE has also been contracted to remove all equipment using ALE’s 816-tonne strand jacks (pre-installed on the maindeck of the topsides), skidding equipment and self-propelled modular trailers. Once this has been performed, ALE will also carry out the load-out of the tension-leg platform.

“We have completed 50% of the scope, with the weighing and transportation of the four hull blocks and living quarters completed in April 2015,” said Mohd Syafiq Suziliman, junior project manager for ALE. “The movement of the mega beams for the superlift took place in May and the superlift operation is expected towards the beginning of July 2015.”

ALE’s Netherlands branch will carry out the superlift activities for the project.

Image: superlift area/ALE

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