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Sun Cable Eyes World’s Biggest Solar Project

By  AOG Staff Monday, 08 July 2019 20:09
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World's largest solar project proposed in Australia, connected to South East Asia via subsea cable.

Graph: Rystad Energy
Graph: Rystad Energy

Singapore-based Sun Cable has proposed a 10 GW solar farm near Tenant Creek in Australia, with facilities to export electricity via a subsea High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable straight to Singapore.

Rystad Energy said that the proposed renewable energy project will provide one fifth of Singapore’s electricity needs.

In terms of size, the only solar project of a similar scale in Australia is the Asian Renewable Energy Hub which plans to supply a regional load to the Pilbara region, as well as green hydrogen for both international and domestic markets.

Australia’s Northern Territory government is on board with the plans and an environmental approval application is in the works.

According to sources, the project would export electricity to Darwin and overseas to Singapore.

Sun Cable said that the transmission capacity would stand at 2.5 GW and power would be transported via 3,800 km of high voltage direct current submarine cables to meet 20% of the city state’s power demand.

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