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More gas for South Australian customers

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 16 March 2017 21:13
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Senex Energy will accelerate the delivery of gas from its Vanessa field in the onshore Cooper basin with the approval of AU$5.82 million in funding through the South Australian government’s PACE Gas Grant Program.

Senex CEO Ian Davies said that the funding would contribute to the cost of infrastructure to connect the Vanessa gas field with South Australian customers.

South Australia’s Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) Gas Grant Program was launched in late 2016 to help secure new and significant gas supplies for the state.

“This gas project will deliver new gas primarily from the Senex-operated Vanessa field in the northern Cooper basin to South Australian domestic customers,” Davies said.

Senex has also recently commenced drilling of the high impact Silver Star-1 gas exploration well in the Cooper basin.

Davies said, “Drilling of Silver Star-1 reflects our commitment to unlocking high-risk gas acreage in the Cooper basin and to delivering more supply for the east coast market.”

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