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Port of Amsterdam CEO Appointed Energy Commissioner

By  AOG Staff Sunday, 23 December 2018 16:27
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Port of Amsterdam CEO Koen Overtoom and ten other Amsterdam residents have been named Energy Commissioners by Platform 02025, a non-profit that aims to make Amsterdam a leader in clean energy.

Image: Port of Amsterdam
Image: Port of Amsterdam

Amsterdam port said in a press release that the appointment was co-initiated by the National Energy Committee, which is headed by the National Energy Commissioner, Ruud Koornstra.

Platform 02025 seeks to motivate and inspire Amsterdam residents to transition to clean, safe and natural energy by 2025. To support their mission they appoint Energy Commissioners: ambassadors who drive sustainable energy projects in their respective geographic areas.

Port of Amsterdam is fully committed to energy transition with existing and new partners.

The Port intends to accelerate this process by generating more renewable energy, attracting more bio-based companies and companies operating based on circular economy principles, organising more sustainable initiatives, and investing in hydrogen and synthetic kerosene.

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