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Wison develops W-FSRP series

By  AOG Staff Wednesday, 04 January 2017 11:28
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Wison Offshore & Marine has developed the Wison-Floating Storage Regasification and Power generation series (W-FSRP) for floating power supply. With design philosophy of “plug-in power,” all products in the W-FSRP range feature integrated functions of liquefied natural gas (LNG) loading and storage facilities, regasification and power generation. The smallest unit starts at 10MW capacity, while the largest accommodates an 800MW power plant.

As global awareness on environmental change increases, countries are looking for ways to improve their energy mix and reduce environmental footprint. Characteristic of a clean resource with less carbon emission, LNG has been selected as the fuel source in Wison’s designs. Alternative fuel options are also available as required.

Wison FSRP designs integrate storage, regasification and power generation in a single unit. Working with power plant providers to supply the power generation and transmission packages, the heart of the facility is the power plant. In consideration of operational efficiency, maintenance and plant availability, different configurations are available to suit specific power demand profiles.

Compared with land-based solutions, the floating power supply is advantageous in fast-track implementation and attractive pricing with flexibility, as the construction work completed in fabrication yards normally results in efficiency and cost reduction. It is also an investment-friendly solution because it minimizes the land acquisition process and requires less civil works. Therefore, the floating LNG power generation solutions are now being considered in many places around the world. 

“We can see increasing demand from the regions in Southeast Asia, West Africa, Caribbean areas, West Coast of India etc., where electricity demand is growing and onshore solutions may not be commercially feasible or preferable,” said Ying CUI, CEO, Wison Offshore & Marine.

Image: W-FSRP 50MW/Wison Offshore & Marine

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