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Rosneft Vankor produces 100 millionth tonne of oil

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 30 April 2015 14:04
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Rosneft subsidiary Vankorneft produced the 100 millionth tonne of oil on the Vankor oil and gas condensate field in Russia.

Image from Rosneft.

The field was launched in 2009. Advanced engineering solutions across all the stages of drilling, pumping, processing and transportation of Vankor crude contributed to the high output. Vankor has one of the industry-highest oil recovery factors, with the daily output of over 60,000 million tonne of crude.

Oil is being produced via 395 wells across 41 clusters. Crude is processed to reach commercial quality on facilities with unique parameters. They are: a 25 million tonne annually central crude collection point and a preliminary water discharge unit (UPSV-South) of over 15 million tonne crude annual capacity; the construction of another facility, UPSV-North, is being completed.

The transportation is carried out via the company’s proprietary 556km long pipeline Vankor-Pupre with four oil pumping stations on it. Vankor’s infrastructure includes over 400km of infield pipelines, 120km of roads and over 1400km of power transmission lines. All the crude produced on the Vankor field complies with the commercial oil requirements and is delivered for transportation across the main oil pipeline system to the crude oil delivery and acceptance point Vankorsky.

On the Vankor field, it implemented comprehensive innovative solutions to ensure high-level environmental protection and minimize environmental impact. The Vankor gas program aimed at sustainable use of 95% of associated petroleum gas includes power generation at Vankor gas turbine power plant, its reinjection to maintain pressure, as well as commercial delivery of the gas to Russia’s integrated gas transportation system.

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