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CNPC enters high-end Australian market

By  AOG Staff Wednesday, 22 April 2015 13:08
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A total of 60,000 tons of gasoline of Chinese National V Standard and in compliance with relevant Australian standards produced by China National Petroleum Corp.’s subsidiaries Dalian Petrochemical and Jinzhou Petrochemical were shipped out to Australia between the end of March and early April. This is the first time for CNPC's oil products to enter the high-end market in Australia. Dalian Petrochemical and Jinzhou Petrochemical will continue to export 80,000 tons of gasoline products to Australia from April to May.

Australia is one of the world's major importers of high-end oil products. The country implements strict standards on the quality indicators of imported oil products, such as volatility and silver strip test, in addition to oxide content, olefin content and additives which are included in but may vary from the Chinese National V Standard.

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