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EnerMech gets Curtis Island LNG contracts

By  AOG Staff Wednesday, 22 April 2015 10:42
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EnerMech has been awarded multi-million dollar contracts for the air drying and nitrogen purging of all six gas storage tanks at Queensland's Curtis Island LNG developments in Australia. 

Three LNG process plants are currently under construction, with Train 1 commissioning phases now complete at one of the plants and well underway at the other two. 

The three plants, located off the coast of Gladstone on Curtis Island, are part of US$54.3 billion (AUD$ 70 billion) upstream and downstream facilities projects which will provide 8% of the world's global LNG production and annually produce 24.5 million tonnes of LNG converted from coal seam gas. 

EnerMech has been engaged by Bechtel to provide pre-engineering, supervision, labor and equipment for the air drying and nitrogen purging of the LNG storage tanks on the three projects, namely Queensland Curtis LNG, Australia Pacific LNG and GLNG. 

Tank capacities range between 140,000cu m and 160,000cu m of LNG, stored at -161°C, and is roughly the equivalent volume of 56 Olympic-size swimming pools per tank. 

In addition to the air drying and nitrogen purging, EnerMech has now been engaged by Bechtel to undertake pre-commissioning work across the three Curtis Island projects, with services including lube oil flushing, chemical cleaning, nitrogen purging and pressure testing, high pressure water jetting, painting and blasting, rope access, valve testing and repair, and blowing and drying. 

"Having local expertise available, together with a modern equipment fleet, was a strong advantage and our technical know-how in piston flow processes to achieve less than 5% oxygen content in the tank post-purging was key to securing the work,” said Niall Conlon, EnerMech Australia's general manager.

EnerMech has Australia's largest fleet of nitrogen equipment, including both liquid and membrane technology, which provides flexibility for all types of nitrogen purging and pressure testing work, regardless of the remoteness of the location. 

Image from EnerMech

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