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Delmar gets new spooling unit

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 09 April 2015 15:33
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A new 170-tonne state-of-the-art spooling unit is now available at the Delmar Systems Pty. equipment yard in Karratha, Western Australia to support mooring-related operations.

This spooling unit is the largest available in the region and ideal for the increased size and length of rig and anchor handling vessel wires.

In addition to the new spooling unit, the 3000sq m facility in Karratha houses a large inventory of certified rental mooring hardware, anchor handling tools and equipment, and pre-lay mooring systems for use in mooring and subsea operations. All equipment is available with manufacturer’s certifications, provided with inspection certifications, and tracked in Delmar’s proprietary inventory database from date of purchase and throughout its service life.

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