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Chukar selects Vietnam and Myanmar agent

By  AOG Staff Monday, 06 April 2015 00:06
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Chukar Waterjet, Inc., a subsea pressure water jet equipment consultant has selected MinhAnh TechInfo Co., as its authorized representative for Vietnam and Myanmar.

MinhAnh TechInfo, a Vungtau City-based company will supply Chukar’s deepwater subsea water jetting technology to offshore industries.

“We are very proud to be represented by MinhAnh TechInfo,” said Chukar Waterjet’s general manager, Bruce Kivisto. “Their commitment and expertise in the offshore oil and gas industry will be a tremendous asset to our clients in Vietnam and Myanmar.”

Capable at cutting steel up to 250mm thick or water jet blasting at pressures up to 3800 bar, Chukar’s subsea water jet equipment has applications for deepwater emergency response operations, salvage operations, and rapid demobilization operations.

It can be used to blast away coatings and marine growth to inspect welds or as a cutting tool in emergency response and salvage operations.

The water jetting equipment also may be used to provide turbulence in a stream of methanol for hydrate remediation.

It is an application Chukar developed in emergency response to the Gulf oil spill, when the company was asked to manufacture a system to clear a clogged containment system 1500m underwater.

Water jet cutting also reduces the hazard of igniting trapped pockets of gas during cutting, said Chukar in a statement.

The company’s other international subsea equipment representatives include SERS Group in Africa and Australia, KaspianLab Lt., based in Azerbaijan, India’s JVM Marketing Ltd., and Gurimas Group Sdn Bhd., in Malaysia.  

Image: Subsea Water Jet Equipment. From Chukar Waterjet. 

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