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NOIA: VA Offshore Wind is a Win for Americans

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 02 July 2019 10:59
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NOIA President Randall Luthi issued the following statement after Dominion Energy and its partner Ørsted began construction of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) Project:

“NOIA congratulates Dominion Energy for starting construction on the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project (CVOW) — the first federal and second overall U.S. offshore wind project. This demonstration project is an important stepping-stone towards commercial-scale offshore wind development in the U.S. Dominion’s partnership with leading offshore wind developer, and NOIA member, Ørsted, will ensure success and will further inform development for large-scale commercial wind deployment in the adjacent Virginia Wind Energy Area leased by Dominion Energy and will help create the domestic supply chain needed to build a thriving U.S. offshore wind industry.  

“This research project will also help all regulators and other ocean users understand the effect of offshore wind on ocean uses and impacts as we continue to see this tremendous domestic energy opportunity come to fruition.”

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