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UTEC buys new metocean buoy

By  AOG Staff Wednesday, 16 April 2014 09:07
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UTEC Geomarine has purchased a DB-240 metocean buoy as part of a construction support soliton monitoring project in the region. The equipment which is about to be put to work in the South China Sea.

The equipment has been manufactured by Planet Ocean and is an upgraded version of the basic buoy model which comes with 12 x 20W solar panels and two rechargeable batteries.  In addition, the company has also purchased a 150kHz QuarterMaster acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) manufactured by Teledyne RDI. It is rated to 1500m water depth and can measure current profiles spanning 300m of the water column. ADCP photo at right.

The investment gives UTEC the capability to deploy instruments with high power demands indefinitely without risking running down the internal instrument batteries and give the ability to use the buoy for specialist applications.

Rachel Pedrick, Metocean manager said: “The ADCP is mounted underneath the buoy looking downwards. It will be configured to record a current profile every two minutes. This current data will then be transmitted via Iridium satellite telemetry to the work vessel to give them real-time warning of soliton approach.

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