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AWE hits at Waitsia-2

By  AOG Staff Saturday, 11 November 2017 01:19
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AWE, the operator of production license L1/L2 in the onshore Perth basin, Western Australia, has commenced flow testing Waitsia-2, the second appraisal well in its 2017 three well test program on the conventional Waitsia gas discovery.

The testing program is designed to determine well deliverability from the southern extent of the Waitsia field and to collect gas samples for compositional analysis.

The zone being flow tested is the Kingia Sandstone, where a 42m interval. The well flowed gas at an instantaneous maximum rate of 38.7 MMscf/d and an average of 38.5 MMscf/d on an 80/64in choke at 1315 psig flowing wellhead pressure over a 2.1 hour period.

AWE’s CEO David Biggs, said: “Net pay at Waitsia-2 is 30% of that in Waitsia-3, so to achieve a maximum flow rate of 38.7 MMscf/d is a fantastic result. The flow test confirms that the Kingia Sandstone at Waitsia-2 shares all the outstanding conventional reservoir properties observed at other wells in the field, particularly high porosity and low total inerts.

“Overall, these results underline the laterally extensive nature of this excellent reservoir system,” Biggs concluded. The Waitsia-2 appraisal well has been shut in for a brief pressure build-up survey prior to a series of flow tests at various choke settings, rates, and well head pressures.

“Once the Waitsia-2 flow test is completed, AWE will undertake the final flow test in the 2017 program at Waitsia-4. The testing program is expected to be completed by the end of November 2017.”

Waitsia-3 is located approximately 16.5km east-south-east of Dongara, Western Australia, and 5.6km south-south-west of Waitsia-1.

Image: AWE onshore Perth basin

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