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Sonoro finds gas in Indonesia

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 24 October 2017 09:16
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Sonoro Energy said that drilling operations at its LG-1 Up-dip well site in West Sulawesi, Indonesia have advanced to a depth of 297m, where a gas kick to surface occurred as the drill string was pulled out of the hole.

While drilling through the upper hole section drilling contractor PT Advanced Services Indonesia (ASI) encountered hydrocarbons in the C1-C5 range in the return mud across several thin sands to a depth of 297m, while operations continued to weight up to about 9.9 ppg.

The gas kick was encountered as crews pulled the string out of the hole to prepare for logging and intermediate casing operations. Gas flowed to the surface and was diverted to the flare. Oil shows were also present in the mud.

“While it’s still too early to assume what we may encounter between 300 and 500m, we’re excited to see the presence of hydrocarbons prior to reaching our zones of interest below 300m. So far our geological drilling prognosis has been correct but further coring, logging, and testing are needed to determine the commercial viability of the Budong Budong project,” said Richard Wadsworth, Sonoro’s CEO.

Image: Sonoro workers drilling in Indonesia

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