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Xanadu oil discovery confirmed

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 26 September 2017 08:11
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Logs run over a 330m section of the Xanadu well in Western Australia has confirmed reservoir quality sand intervals throughout the Irwin River Coal Measures (IRCM) with porosities ranging 15-16%, Whitebark Energy said.

Xanadu-1 is a conventional oil well located in TP/15, approximately 1.3km from the coastline. It is a deviated well, drilled from an onshore surface location situated approximately 40km south of the township of Dongara, Western Australia.

The well reached a total depth of 2035m when it was confirmed that the Xanadu-1 well had intersected hydrocarbon bearing intervals as demonstrated by elevated gas readings, oil shows, fluorescence, and cut-fluorescence whilst drilling.

Seismic data indicate that it is possible to drill an up-dip location which could allow the higher quality sand units deeper in the section to be penetrated above the inferred oil-water contact.

Erosion of the upper, poorer quality sands on a structural high similar to that observed at the Cliff Head oil field would further increase the chance of intersecting the oil column in better quality reservoir.

The joint venture for Xanadu include Whitebark (15%) Norwest Energy (25%, operator), Triangle Energy (30%) and 3C Group (30%).

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