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Weatherford develops new LWD tool

By  OE Staff Tuesday, 01 December 2015 11:05
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Weatherford International has announced the development of the HeatWave Extreme service for commercial use by Chevron Thailand. The HeatWave Extreme service includes a logging-while-drilling (LWD) tool string capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 410˚F (210˚C). The high temperature rating enables drillers to log to total depth (TD) in conditions that exceed the current barriers of 347˚F (175˚C). The 4.75in modified tool string is expected to reduce drilling times in deep gas fields. 

The first phase of component development and field testing for the tool began in May 2014 as a partnered project between Weatherford and Chevron Thailand for offshore gas wells in the Gulf of Thailand. To date, the technology has saved approximately US$4 million in rig time and expenses related to temperature mitigation over the course of the 22-well program. 

“Through collaborative efforts with Chevron Thailand, we can provide LWD services in oil and gas plays throughout the world where there are extreme temperature challenges,” said Etienne Roux, vice president of drilling services at Weatherford. “Furthermore, the joint focus on leveraging our technologies to drive efficiency and optimize costs in the current market conditions will help support our customers' operations.”

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