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ALE Installs WTG in Australia

By  AOG Staff Sunday, 04 August 2019 20:05
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The global heavylift and transportation provider ALE Heavylift said that its K1650L tower cranes have begun work to install wind turbine generators (WTG) near Port Augusta in southern Australia, where they will help to power 155,000 homes.

Image: ALE
Image: ALE

It is the first time this type of crane has been used for wind turbine installation in Australia. ALE has brought two of the innovative cranes to the country, where one recently commenced work at Lincoln Gap Wind Farm.

The K1650L tower crane was selected for the project due to its high wind speed tolerance and small footprint. The crane’s compactness means the size of hardstand can be reduced by more than 50% in comparison with other cranes widely used in the wind industry, allowing cost and time savings in civil works.

This also helps to reduce the crane’s environmental impact – a particular benefit for Australia, where several wind farms are planned close to forested areas. Being able to significantly shorten the boom up and down area is a great contribution to overall project efficiency because less space needs to be cleared to position the crane.

ALE has been contracted to install 14 WTGs at the Lincoln Gap Wind Farm site, which will begin commissioning the first of its 59 wind turbines later this year.

ALE previously utilized the advantageous capabilities of these tower cranes in Thailand, where, with a hub height of 162m, they were used to install the tallest WTGs in South East Asia.

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