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Tendeka Secured AICD Contract in the Middle East

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 10 January 2019 09:14
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Independent global completions service company Tendeka reports it has secured a further multimillion-dollar contract with a major national oil company in the Middle East.

Scott Watters (Photo: Tendeka)
Scott Watters (Photo: Tendeka)

The agreement will see Tendeka provide reservoir modelling and the installation of its FloSure Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICDs) to boost production and improve reservoir performance in several mature fields.

Tendeka will perform reservoir simulations for each well, working closely with the client to ensure optimum reservoir performance, with the technology helping in the reduction of unwanted fluid production.

Having carried out several similar projects in the region, Tendeka noted it has vast experience of the challenges of brownfields and carbonate reservoir that form a large proportion of oil fields in the Middle East.

Scott Watters, Chief Operating Officer at Tendeka, said, “Our FloSure technology and global supply chain capability has allowed us to bring real value to major Middle East projects. We are committed to the continuous development of this technology to tackle future challenges and smooth field development planning for the long term. It’s an area we aim to grow over the coming months and years.”

Tendeka has installed more than 7,000 passive ICDs and more than 28,000 autonomous ICDs globally.

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