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Danos Secures GoM Contracts

By  AOG Staff Monday, 07 January 2019 03:44
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Danos announced Monday it has secured a contract with Equinor for production operation support on its Titan SPAR platform, located in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Danos owner Paul Danos (Photo: Danos)
Danos owner Paul Danos (Photo: Danos)

The Equinor project began late 2018 and employs production personnel on the floating drilling and production structure located at Mississippi Canyon block 941 at a depth of nearly 4,000 feet. This is Danos’ second job with Equinor, as it was awarded a contract for coatings maintenance on the Titan platform earlier this fall, the company noted.

Danos said it has also been awarded a multi-year contract for production operations with another major oil and gas producer in the Gulf of Mexico.

As a result of these recent contract awards, Danos has increased its production workforce by about 150 new employees. The majority of these new positions are production operators who will be working on the Gulf Coast, with projects spanning from Galveston, Texas, to Venice, La.

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