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Woodside partners ABB for Goodwyn A

By  AOG Staff Monday, 25 December 2017 18:51
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Woodside has formalized an agreement with ABB Australia under which a microgrid solution with a lithium-ion PowerStore Battery energy storage system will be installed on its Goodwyn A platform in the second half of 2018.

The installation of the 1 MWh PowerStore Battery will reduce the need for backup capacity, known as spinning reserve, in Goodwyn A’s power generation system.

As a result, Goodwyn A’s use of fuel gas will be reduced by more than 2,000 tonnes per year, allowing for incremental LNG production and delivering an estimated 5% decrease in the platform’s CO2 emissions.

Woodside senior vice president and chief technology officer Shaun Gregory said the agreement positioned the company as an early adopter of battery storage technology in oil and gas operations.

“Developing our energy storage capability on Goodwyn A is a first step in enabling Woodside to accelerate scaling of the application in larger oil and gas assets, both offshore and onshore. It is also a clear example of how Woodside is partnering with market-leaders in innovation and technology to deliver against the company’s strategy and business priorities,” he said.

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