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Petrobras teams up with ExxonMobil

By  AOG Staff Monday, 25 December 2017 18:45
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Petrobras and ExxonMobil have signed an agreement to jointly explore business opportunities outside of Brazil.

The duo will evaluate areas of mutual interest that can bring together their expertise across all sectors of the oil and gas production value chain, including opportunities for cooperation in exploration, production, gas, and chemicals both inside and outside Brazil.

For Petrobras, the formation of alliances is an important strategy in the Business and Management Plan 2017-2021.

It brings significant potential benefits, such as risk sharing, augmented investment capacity in the oil and gas chain, technology sharing and strengthening of corporate governance.

In September, Petrobras and ExxonMobil jointly acquired six offshore blocks in the Campos Basin in the Brazil National Agency of Petroleum’s 14th tender round.

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