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Genel finds oil bearing reservoirs in Iraq

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 05 December 2017 07:02
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The TT-29w well, which was drilled to appraise the northern flank of the Taq Taq field in Iraq, has been completed as a producer after encountering oil bearing Cretaceous reservoirs.

Operator Genel Energy said six zones were subsequently tested over a 20-day period, with test rates of up to 6400 b/d of 48° API oil delivered from individual zones.

Four of the five tests in the Shiranish produced dry oil, with one test tight. The Kometan reservoir test produced oil with a 40-50% water cut, confirming the oil-water contact within the Kometan reservoir at this location in the field.

TT-29w production has commenced from the Lower Shiranish reservoir at a rate of 3200 b/d of dry oil on a restricted 24/64in choke.

It has proved a current oil-water contact at this location on the northern flank of the field at a level at least 145m deeper than pre-drill estimates.

“Combined with the testing results, management is optimistic for the potential of the northern flank of the Taq Taq field. However, it is too early to estimate what impact the well result will have on reserves, long-term production rates or future investment activity in the northern flank and the field as a whole,” Genel said.

In addition to the positive result from TT-29w, the TT-30 Pilaspi well was also drilled as a producer in November and is currently producing around 650 bo/d. A further Pilaspi development well -TT-31- is planned before the end of 2017.

Gross production from the Taq Taq field is currently 15,100 bo/d. Gross field production averaged 13,700 bo/d in November 2017 and has averaged 18,300 bo/d in 2017 to date.

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