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Pilot commences WA 507 sale

By  AOG Staff Friday, 20 October 2017 21:08
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Pilot Energy said it has resolved to market for sale 100% interest in the WA 507 permit located within the prolific Northern Carnarvon basin off the Northwest Shelf of Australia.

The sale will allow Pilot to focus on its Perth Basin interests. The permit covers 1622sq km of the Exmouth Plateau, near the Thebe, Scarborough and Jupiter gas fields and is surrounded by recently awarded WA-530-P and WA-529-P permits.

The WA-507-P permit is covered by a 3D seismic dataset, acquired and processed by the geophysical company TGS in 2010. From this data the Joint Venture mapped three very large prospects at the Mungaroo reservoir level.

The Dalia Updip, Beta and Gamma prospects were subsequently the subject of an independent estimate of prospective resources by Gaffney Cline and Associates. 

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