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Woodside online at Persephone

By  Monday, 14 August 2017 14:06
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Woodside Energy started production from its Persephone project offshore Australia, according to partner BP.  

North Rankin Complex. Image from Xodus.

Persephone consists of two subsea wells tied back to the existing North Rankin complex by a 7km flowline.

The gas field is in offshore petroleum production license WA-1-L, about 135km, northwest of Karratha, Western Australia, in some 126m water depth.

At peak production, Persephone is expected to produce around 48 MMsf/d of gas net for BP.

The field was discovered in 2006 by the exploration well Persephone-1, which is approximately 8km northeast of the North West Shelf Project’s North Rankin Complex (North Rankin A and B platforms).

Woodside is the operator of the North West Shelf Project with 16.67% interest. Partners include: BHP Billiton Petroleum (North West Shelf), BP Developments Australia, Chevron Australia, Japan Australia LNG (MIMI), and Shell Development (Australia).

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