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Cooper Energy appoints non-executive director

By  AOG Staff Monday, 01 May 2017 20:40
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Cooper Energy has appointed Hector Gordon, currently executive director for exploration and production, to be a non-executive director, effective 25 June.

Gordon has served the company as an executive director since joining the company in June 2012 in the merger of Cooper Energy with Somerton Energy. His current employment contract concludes on 24 June, and the company has secured Gordon’s continuing involvement in this new, nonexecutive capacity.

“Hector Gordon’s leadership of Cooper Energy’s technical deliberations and efforts has been critical to the growth recorded by the company,” said John Conde, chairman, Cooper Energy. “With his guidance, the company has sustained material oil production from its Cooper basin interests and executed a patient and highly successful reconstruction of its portfolio.

“The successful transition, from a portfolio featuring diverse international oil exploration interests to today’s position concentrated on Australia with strong exposure to gas and over 11 MMbbl of 2P reserves owes much to Hector’s judgment,” he said.

Conde added that the group’s portfolio possesses many opportunities for value creation through exploration and development of gas and from our Cooper Basin oil. “I expect Hector’s technical and commercial contribution as a non-executive director will be invaluable as we work to optimize these opportunities for shareholder value,” he said.

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