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CGG launches Provenance

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 25 April 2017 21:41
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CGG GeoConsulting announced the launch of Provenance, an integrated global sediment provenance database, tool, and knowledge base.

Provenance is an industry-first, global database bringing together public-domain and CGG multi-client sediment provenance data catalogs, to give explorers a quality-controlled data set at the touch of a button.

An integrated platform allows teams to interpret the data in minutes, supported by insights from sediment provenance experts and leading authorities in the international scientific community.

Provenance helps geoscience teams optimize their use of sediment provenance data in their exploration workflows. It is designed to reduce lead times for in-house specialist sedimentologists and put the data, tools, and understanding in the hands of every member of the geoscience team in order to improve exploration outputs. 

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