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AG&P develops 'plug and play' LNG solutions

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 04 April 2017 23:14
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Philippines-based AG&P has developed two standardized modular products for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply network that will drive down costs, accelerate schedule and enable last-mile delivery to LNG demand centers scattered across Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Caribbean.

These ‘plug and play’ packages, based on standard solutions, are built in AG&P’s state-of-the-art, 150-hectare modularization facilities which helps speed delivery times and significantly reduces the cost of customized engineering and project man-hours while increasing productivity and quality.

Cost-effective and built for transportation across the world, the firm believes these off-the-shelf products have the potential to bolster the small and mid-scale LNG market.

“While there is increasing preference for small-scale and mid-scale LNG solutions in emerging economies like Indonesia and India, uptake remains slow with few projects underway. Standardization and modular solutions will be the circuit-breaker that will bring projects online, enabling the switch to LNG as a clean and affordable energy source,” said Mr. Albert Altura, President AG&P.

“AG&P is combining its modularization capabilities and unique alliances with engineering and technology partners to provide the complete spectrum of infrastructure assets that enable LNG distribution and last-mile delivery. Serving as a single point of contact for customers across the LNG value chain, we deliver a whole terminal and sell tolled gas to power plants, mines, bunker fuel operations, transportation fleets, cold storage and other industrial applications,” Altura added.

The group has a long track record of delivering pragmatic solutions for the oil and gas industry with expertise in LNG. It is only one of three companies worldwide to have a global technical and licensing agreement for membrane tank design from the French giant, GTT.

In addition, AG&P owns a major stake in GAS Entec, the leading Korea-based engineering firm and has entered a joint venture with Risco Energy Group of Indonesia.

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