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Icon completes Harries 3D

By  AOG Staff Thursday, 16 March 2017 03:04
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Icon Energy announced that the Harrier 3D seismic acquisition program in ATP 594 has been successfully completed.

A total of 293sq km of 3D seismic data was acquired by Terrex over the northern block of ATP 594 located on the eastern flank of the Cooper-Eromanga basin approximately 100km west of Quilpie

Icon said the Harrier 3D seismic survey is the first seismic exploration program carried out in the permit for almost 20 years.

Technical evaluation confirms the area is highly prospective for oil and gas. Icon is optimistic that the new technically researched parameters used in the 3D seismic data and planned processing techniques will yield results that can be utilized for the direct detection of oil and gas reservoirs within the target sedimentary zones.

Processing of the data has now commenced, which is being carried out by Velseis Processing in Brisbane. Icon has 100% interest in ATP 594 and is the operator.

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