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KrisEnergy makes board, management changes

By  AOG Staff Tuesday, 14 March 2017 12:50
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Independent upstream oil and gas company KrisEnergy has made changes to its management and the board of directors, following the recent financial restructuring. 

Kelvin Tang, currently vice president legal and president Cambodia, has been appointed chief operating officer, effective 15 March 2017. Tang will remain as president of KrisEnergy’s Cambodia operations.

Sally Ting, currently deputy general counsel, will succeed Tang and become general counsel for the KrisEnergy Group. Chrystle Kuek, senior legal counsel, will take over the role of joint company secretary (together with Jennifer Lee from Intertrust Group), effective 15 March 2017. 

The company also announces that executive directors, Richard Lorentz and Chris Gibson-Robinson, will step down from the board of directors, effective 24 April 2017. Lorentz, director of business development, and Gibson-Robinson, director exploration and production, will remain in their executive roles until 30 June 2017, and thereafter will become advisors to the chief executive officer.   

“Following the financial restructuring, we are making some organizational changes in order to execute our new business plan,” said Jeffrey S. MacDonald, interim chief executive officer, KrisEnergy. “[Tang] has been with KrisEnergy since its start up and has been very involved in the company’s restructuring and setting the new strategy. [Ting] joined KrisEnergy in 2015 and has worked closely with management in the legal role and in implementing company strategy. I look forward to continuing to work closely with them both.” 

“[Lorentz and Gibson-Robinson] were founding directors of KrisEnergy,” said Tan Ek Kia, independent non-executive chairman, KrisEnergy. “They have been instrumental in building a very strong portfolio of assets in Southeast Asia. They have also created a very talented team of people to execute the vision of the company. I would like to thank them for everything they have done for the company and wish them well in their future endeavors.” 

Tang joined KrisEnergy in 2009 and was responsible for the legal and regulatory functions of the company and later took on the additional role of president of KrisEnergy’s activities in Cambodia, where the company is planning the development of the Apsara oil field.  

Ting joined KrisEnergy from Salamander Energy (now Ophir Energy), where she was regional counsel for eight years, responsible for legal and regulatory matters in Southeast Asia. She has over 18 years of private practice and in-house experience with global law firms and companies.

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