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Murphy hires Barakah for Kikeh work

By  AOG Staff Friday, 23 December 2016 09:21
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Murphy Oil awarded Barakah Offshore Petroleum a two-year, US$4.4 million (RM20.0 million) contract from to provide work on the company's Kikeh spar platform, offshore Malaysia.

The work will be done by Barakah's wholly-owned subsidiary company, PBJV Group, for Murphy Sabah Oil Co. and Murphy Sarawak Oil Co. PBJV will provide the provision of the production riser tensioner overhaul, maintenance and upgrade to the Kikeh spar platform. 

The Kikeh production and drilling riser tensioner (PRT & DRT) system is a critical component of single point anchor reservoir/dry tree unit (SPAR/DTU). PRT & DRT is vital in maintaining the stability of SPAR and wellhead riser.  The contract involves the overhaul of Kikeh DTU to like new condition, and the modification and improvement of PRT to extend the service life.

The contract, which comes with an option for a one-year extension, is expected to start this month.

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