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Renco delays Amanah Timur-1

By  AOG Staff Sunday, 11 December 2016 17:55
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Drilling operations at the onshore Amanah Timur-1 well in the South Block A PSC located in the North Sumatra basin of Indonesia has been delayed due to weather conditions and earthquake in the region.

According to the operator Renco Elang Energy, the rig contractor, Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia (PDSI) was in the process of rigging up when the recent earthquake struck.

The impact at the drill location, which is approximately 200km from the epicenter to the northwest, was no more than a tremble.

However, PDSI decided to rig down and add additional fill material and further compaction, as a precautionary measure to ensure the rig is on a stable base in the event of further geological activity.

The decision was taken in conjunction with assessment of the heavy rain that has impacted road and location conditions leading up to the earthquake. It is anticipated the spud date will be deferred 7-10 days.

There will be a minimal cost impact anticipated to the joint venture in the costs associated with the further site works.

Lion Energy CEO Kim Morrison said, “Whilst a further delay is disappointing, this is a common sense approach by all involved in the drilling program. At minimal cost, it is a precautionary step in light of compounding issues of weather and an earthquake, to ensure the site is adequate for the safe drilling of this exciting well. “

Renco holds 59.3% interest in the permit, while Lion has the remaining 40.7 % stake. 

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