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AspenTech launches asset management software

By  AOG Satff Thursday, 01 December 2016 18:59
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Software specialist AspenTech has developed a new product suite, aspenONE Asset Performance Management, which enables companies to optimize assets throughout the entire plant lifecycle.   

The new suite expands the aspenONE product portfolio from engineering, manufacturing and supply chain into maintenance to address key business challenges that include process disruptions, low asset availability and unplanned downtime.

Designed specifically for the process industries, aspenONE Asset Performance Management software provides insights into complex process dynamics. It diagnoses the root cause of an event to assess the impact on plant equipment and breakdown avoidance, and offers prescriptive, actionable guidance to help mitigate the impact on production.

The new suite includes the Aspen Fidelis Reliability and Aspen Asset Analytics products in its initial release.  Aspen Fidelis Reliability enables customers to use the deep design and process knowledge contained within the aspenONE product portfolio to analyze process reliability, quantify improvement opportunities and optimize the availability of assets.

The Aspen Asset Analytics product combines AspenTech’s modeling and simulation and data analytics capabilities to predict specific process problem events and prescribe actions to prevent their occurrence.  This product will initially be targeted at a specific set of customers identified by the company until general availability is announced in the future.

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