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Quadrant confirms Roc-2 hydrocarbons

By  AOG Staff Friday, 09 September 2016 05:46
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Quadrant Energy has confirmed hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir within the Caley section in the Roc-2 well in the North West Shelf of Australia.

The results were confirmed during logging while drilling (LWD) that provides preliminary information during drilling operations.

The next stage of data acquisition will become available after wireline logging, which is planned to include pressure and fluid sampling tools.

Following the completion of the coring process the well has continued drilling the 8.5in hole, including passing through the cored Caley sections with LWD tools for the first time.

The rig will continue to drill the hole to planned total depth of around 5250m, anticipated to take around two weeks.

The Roc-2 well is located within the WA-437-P exploration permit, shared between Quadrant (80%) and Carnarvon Petroleum (20%). 

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