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Mubadala drills Manora development, appraisal well

By  AOG Staff Sunday, 04 September 2016 22:00
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The joint venture of the Manora oil development has identified the opportunity to add near facility production at Manora through additional development drilling, and to potentially add contingent resources via an appraisal well.

The project area located in the Northern Gulf of Thailand, is a partnership between Mubadala Petroleum (60%), Northern Gulf Petroleum (30%) and Tap Oil (10%).

As the MNA-17 well has both the appraisal and development components, operator Mubadala has commenced drilling the well to a total depth of 1859.3m, using the Atwood Orca jackup, Tap said.

MNA-17 will appraise the 500 series sands and assess a separate untested fault block - the Manora West Structure - which has the potential to de-risk the Greater Manora West prospective resources.

The well will utilize the upper pilot section before being deviated into the central fault block as a new production well. MNA-17 is expected to increase Manora production performance. 

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